Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Untested Software Used in Elections

By Ian Hoffman, ANG Newspapers


"Digital voting giant Diebold Election Systems took a staggering blow Wednesday as California officials reported that Diebold ran uncertified -- and in some cases untested -- software in all 17 counties where it counted votes in the state's last two elections. " ...

"Stunned, state elections officials put off final approval of Diebold's latest touchscreen voting machine, the TSX, already purchased in the thousands or contracted by four California counties for $45 million."...

"Former weightlifter and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger swept the state by such broad margins that small discrepancies of thousands of votes would not have mattered, Alexander said.

"If we hadn't had wide margins, I think we would have had a fullblown crisis. I think we would have had a Florida-style meltdown in Alameda County, even without the chads," she said. "But we shouldn't have to rely on wide margins and exit polls to confirm election results." "

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