Tuesday, January 20, 2004

San Joaquin voting machines in question

By David Siders, The Stockton Record, 1/16/04


"SACRAMENTO -- State election officials Thursday demanded security and certification documents from the company that makes voting machines used in San Joaquin County.

"The voting system used in the county does not have full federal approval, an elections research specialist at the Elections Assistance Commission said. It has passed most federal tests and has conditional state certification.

"Diebold Election Systems has 30 days to submit documents to the state Voting Systems and Procedures Panel. The panel could then decide to certify or withdraw certification from Diebold's TSx touchscreen system.

"TSx machines can be used in March elections regardless of certification, said Mark Kyle, the panel's chairman and California's undersecretary of state. Machines can be used in elections up to six months following decertification, he said.

"Dozens of Californians lobbied election officials Thursday to withdraw certification, some calling electronic voting "faith-based.""

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