Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Johnson County Demands Answers From ES&S

By Eric Halvorson and Loni Smith McKown, WISH-TV, 03/15/04

California is not the only state where uncertified voting equipment has been used in recent elections. And Diebold is not the only vendor being accused of bypassing state certification requirements. Reports from Indiana indicate that ES&S installed uncertified software into the electronic voting systems of three Indiana counties prior to last November's election.


Compliance also means a test next week of software illegally used in the November election. “We'll run some votes, print some results. We'll verify that everything's correct,” said Robb McGinnis, ES&S.

But the clerk doesn't trust them. Neither do the members of the Indiana election commission.

“I just think I was absolutely lied to by your CEO and I'm more than on the slow burn about it. I think you guys sat in this room and you all lied to me,” said Brian Burdick, Indiana election commissioner, to ES&S at a meeting on Wednesday. Commissioner S. Anthony Long angrily told ES&S Vice President Ken Carbullido that he would fine ES&S if he could have done so.

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