Thursday, April 22, 2004

CA Secretary of State's Voting Systems and Procedures Panel Diebold Investigation

Yesterday I testified at the CA Secretary of State's Voting Systems and Procedures Panel. My remarks are available online.

More information is available here:

Secretary of State's Report on March 2, 2004 Statewide Primary Election, and Diebold Investigation documents.

There are numerous stories about yesterday's events online; here are links to two of them:

Decision Nears On Whether To Use Touch-Screen Voting, KCRA, 4/21/04

Protesters gather as panelists ponder touch-screen devices, By Cameron Jahn, The Sacramento Bee, 4/22/04


Later, after the hearing started, Yolo County Clerk-Recorder Freddie Oakley broke ranks with her colleagues and echoed the secretary of state's call for paper receipts in all touch-screen voting machines.

"(W)hatever the fiscal cost of restoring reliability to California's election, it is (diminished) when weighed against the cost of abandoning the principle of 'every vote counts,' " she said.

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