Sunday, April 25, 2004

E-voting rhetoric flies in Oakland

By Ian Hoffman, Alameda Newspaper Group, April 24, 2004

This article provides a good recap of the e-voting debate this week in California, which began at the Secretary of State's Voting System Panel meeting on Wednesday and continued to Friday's Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference e-voting plenary on the "Great Paper Trail Debate".


Twice in California this week, computer scientists and lawyers, activists and elections officials engaged in ideological warfare, trading barbed rhetoric while trying to preserve an air of civility.

One activist likened it to "a dysfunctional frat party where we all hate each other."

"The battle lines are drawn," Michael Shamos, co-director of Carnegie-Mellon University's Institute for Electronic Commerce, agreed after a tense debate Friday at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference 2004, at the Claremont Hotel.


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