Thursday, May 6, 2004

Bill calling for e-vote ban advances

By Ian Hoffman, Alameda Newspaper Group, May 6, 2004


Faced with local elections officials' resistance to new state safeguards on electronic voting, a California Senate committee approved a bill banning use of touch-screen voting machines in the November elections.

Senate Majority Leader Don Perata, co-sponsor of the legislation, was visibly angered that Riverside County plans a lawsuit today to challenge California's new e-voting security and reliability measures -- and that other counties, such as Napa, also were weighing legal challenges.

"If they decide to cowboy it and decide which of these things to comply with, we'll take the ball and we'll take it away from them immediately," said Perata, D-Oakland. "The registrars can spend their time trying to comply with (Secretary of State Kevin Shelley's) order, but if they choose not to, we're going to make sure they have no decision at all."

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