Sunday, May 16, 2004

San Diego County staff recommends paper ballots

By the North County Times, May 14, 2004

San Diego, the largest California county impacted by Secretary of State Kevin Shelley's April 30 decertification order, is headed to implement paper, rather than electronic voting systems in its 1,600 polling places this November. A decision from the county executive, Walt Eckard, is expected this week.

See also Greg Lucas' May 13 articlearticle in the San Francisco Chronicle for more updates on how counties plan to address the decertification orders.



County policy advisors forwarded a recommendation to their bosses Friday stating that local voters should use paper "optical-scan" ballots in November's Presidential election.

Officials said the recommendation was presented to County Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard on Friday afternoon, and that Ekard was expected to approve the recommendation next week.


County officials say their contract with Diebold stipulates that the company must pay for the county's cost of using paper ballots in November. They also say they have not paid Diebold any of the $31 million they agreed to pay for 10,200 machines.

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