Friday, July 2, 2004

Down for the Count - Mischelle Townsend profile

By Andrew Gumbel, L.A. City Beat, June 24, 2004

On Monday, June 21 Mischelle Townsend announced she will be retiring her position as Registrar of Voters for Riverside County. Townsend has been a leading proponent of paperless, touchscreen voting systems in California and nationwide. She and her county are also suing California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley for decertifying touchscreen voting machines (even though his decertification orders allow Riverside and other counties to get recertified without a voter verified paper trail if they meet 23 security requirements).

Andrew Gumbel's article reviews Townsend's record in recent elections, including questionable practices in her office on Election Night during the March primary, as well as a questionable recount conducted after the March 2004 primary.

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