Friday, February 11, 2005

Governor Names Bruce McPherson As Secretary Of State

Article/online video report from David Bienick, KCRA News, Sacramento, February 11, 2005

Sacramento is buzzing today with the news that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed former State Senator Bruce McPherson to be the next California Secretary of State. The office is vacant as of March 1, when Kevin Shelley's resignation takes effect.

McPherson is an excellent choice -- not only is he well-liked and well-respected among both Democrats and Republicans, he also has a great track record on election and voting issues.

While a member of the Legislature, McPherson was a principal co-author of SB 49, the Online Disclosure Act of 1997 which led to instant online disclosure of money in California politics. He also co-authored SB 1438, which mandates that all electronic ballots in California be backed up with a voter verified paper record. That bill was unanimously approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Schwarzenegger last year, and takes effect in 2006.

In making his announcement, Governor Schwarzenegger told the news media, "I looked for someone with strong experience, unimpeachable integrity and someone who is widely respected, and that is exactly what Bruce brings with him to the job." In accepting the nomination, McPherson said, "I will work hard to restore integrity, trust and confidence to the office of Secretary of State. I will work to repair relationships between the state and the 58 county registrars, and I will work assiduously to ensure HAVA compliance as soon as possible."

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