Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kevin Shelley's mother has passed away

Last Friday, outgoing Secretary of State Kevin Shelley's mother, Thelma Shelley, passed away in San Francisco.

Mrs. Shelley was rushed to the hospital on February 2 with respiratory failure, and remained hospitalized until her death, according to the Associated Press obituary.

Kevin Shelley resigned as Secretary of State on February 4, two days after his mother was hospitalized. Many news reports of his resignation noted that he was very emotional during the Feb. 4 announcement when he mentioned his mother. It was not widely known at that time that his mother was gravely ill.

Although the Secretary of State's office is in transition, letters of condolence and other correspondence may still be sent to Kevin Shelley care of his Sacramento office until March 4 (it is recommended that personal correspondence be marked as "personal" outside of the envelope).

The address is 1500 11th Street, Sixth Floor, Sacramento, California 95814.

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