Thursday, March 17, 2005

McPherson confirmation hearings

Yesterday the Senate Rules Committee voted 5-0 in support of confirming Bruce McPherson as the next Secretary of State. The Senate is in session this morning and is likely to take up the appointment on the Senate floor before it adjourns today.

Over in the Assembly, the Rules Committee will soon begin its hearing on the McPherson appointment. It begins when the Assembly floor session ends, in room 126 of the State Capitol. The Assembly makes an audio feed of its hearing available online. You can also check the California Channel's archive for a video of yesterday's Senate Rules hearing.

The Senate hearing was rather collegial, as expected. The Assembly hearing is expected to be more contentious. There are several articles about yesterday's hearing available on the Rough & Tumble web site. The Sacramento Bee story reported this comment from Bruce McPherson regarding the paper trail: "I believe it's absolutely necessary in retaining confidence in our election systems."

Other interesting news comes courtesy of the Los Angeles Daily News, where Troy Anderson reports today that the vote counting software used to count the City of Los Angeles' recent mayoral election was modified before the election and was not recertified before use. The Daily News reports that the Secretary of State's office is looking into it.

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