Monday, September 12, 2005

CORRECTION to blog entry from Friday, September 9

Last Friday I wrote a blog entry about the California Association of County Clerks and Election Officials' (CACEO) letter of opposition to SB 370, which, if signed into law by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, would require that voter verified paper trails be used to verify the accuracy of computerized vote counts.

The person who signed the letter on behalf of CACEO, Janice Atkinson, contacted me today to inform me that I misquoted the letter. The clerks did not write to the Governor that they "do not believe a separate, independent verification of DRE accuracy is necessary..." but that they wrote that they "do believe a separate, independent verification of DRE accuracy is necessary...". My apologies for misquoting the letter. It's one little word, but it makes a world of difference in this case. I am relieved that the registrars have not abandoned the idea of independent verification, but am still very disappointed that they suggest abandoning the manual count procedure for DREs since this is the only verification process that anyone's developed which is transparent and accessible to the general public.

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