Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A collection of glitches from Tuesday's election

Joe Hall, a UC Berkeley grad student and staff for the ACCURATE project has compiled a list of glitches from around the country in last Tuesday's election. His collection features links to news articles where the glitches were originally reported. Excerpts are below.


Harwinton, Connecticut - Voting machine snafu may lead to challenge in Harwinton

One candidate was endorsed in a race by both Republican and Democratic parties and was listed twice in a choose 2 out of 3 race. This candidate, due to being listed twice, got twice as many votes as the other two candidates in the same contest.

Pasquotank Co., North Carolina - In Elizabeth City, a 14-vote gap has one candidate calling for a recount

Selecting a certain candidate in the only contest on the ballot resulted in a write-in candidate box being selected instead. The margin in this race was 14 votes. Also, 60 blank ballots were cast (recall that there was only one race for this election). Also see: "Count on recount in E. City mayor’s race"

Lucas Co., Ohio - State plans to investigate voting chaos; Tuesday's problems are latest for Lucas County

This one is mysterious: "workers accidentally 'set an option [on the five machines] that prevented the results from being transported onto the memory card.'" Also, massive labor shortage resulted in chaos as election was highly understaffed and a system of "rovers" didn't function correctly (where one elections worker would travel to five polling places to get aggregate totals from machines). Also, see: "Poll workers blast use of 'rovers'"

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