Thursday, May 4, 2006

California first in nation to implement e-voting reform

Today the California Voter Foundation issued this news release highlighting the fact that all 58 California counties are on track to deploy new or upgraded voting equipment that guarantees every ballot cast will be backed up on paper that voters can verify before leaving the polls. This marks the first time when any state that had widely deployed paperless electronic voting machines has replaced or retrofitted all the equipment with voter-verified paper trail printers.

CVF also debuted a few new pages on our web site, including our updated Statewide Map and County-by-County Directory of Voting Systems. For those interested in seeing how California's voting systems have changed over the years, historic directories and maps dating back to 2002 are also available from the CVF web site.

While there are still many voting equipment challenges ahead for California, the June election marks a major turning point and a milestone for California voting accountability and transparency. Kudos to all the organizations, legislators, activists and election officials for their hard work to make the paper trail a reality for California voters.

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