Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Manual Count update

Yesterday I visited the third and final county in my post-election manual count observations. The first county I visited was Yolo, which uses a paper-based, optical scan voting system made by Hart. The second was San Joaquin, using Diebold's TSx electronic voting machines. The third was Napa, where Sequoia electronic voting machines were used on Election Day.

Manual counts are still underway this week in many counties, especially larger ones. Counties have until December 5 to certify their results from the Nov. 7 election. Every county I have contacted and visited has been helpful and welcoming of the scrutiny. Today's Los Angeles Times "Political Muscle" blog features this entry, Democracy Gets Audited in California by Robert Salladay highlighting some of the observations I and others have so far of the process. People who want to visit a county's manual count can use this CVF tip sheet to get started.

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