Monday, August 25, 2008

Capitol Weekly blog from Denver

My friend Anthony York, who is editor of Capitol Weekly, is in Denver this week blogging about the Democratic Convention. He is an astute political observer, has a clever way with words, and his convention blogging is off to an entertaining start. I will be checking in with his blog throughout the week to see what's happening in Denver from the perspective of a California journalist with a nose for news and whatever else he finds entertaining.

Here's an excerpt from today's blog, "Why We Blog":


It becomes abundantly clear why there are 8 zillion bloggers swarming like little gnats around downtown Denver this week. If ever there was an event made for blogging, it is a major party political convention.

Because, in case you were wondering, there is no news here.

But there is plenty to see, to observe -- plenty of sketches to draw, snapshots to capture. There is no shortage of color. It’s news that’s in short supply.

Blogs are notorious for elevating the mundane. That’s the only way to survive a week like this one in Denver.

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