Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SoS Bowen unveils four-year strategic plan, priorities

At her inauguration ceremony today, Secretary of State Debra Bowen made a point of acknowledging the important role her agency's staff play in her success.  She also highlighted the fact that she is only the sixth woman to be elected to California statewide office, and how happy she was to be sworn in by the seventh woman to join the ranks, Attorney General Kamala Harris.  

She was joined on stage by her agency chiefs, and several of them spoke during the ceremony.  The auditorium was nearly full, and the ceremony appeared to be well-attended by agency staff.  

Secretary Bowen's comments were fairly brief.  She announced her office was implementing a four-year strategic plan focused on three priorities:  ensuring fair and secure elections, doing business, and protecting rights and state treasures.  She also listed six values that will guide the work of the office of Secretary of State: service; integrity; teamwork; openness; innovation; and consistency.  She concluded by saying that standing up for the workers in her office is the most important thing she can do to make sure they deliver excellent public service, so "let's get back to work."   

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