Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sing Along to the Proposition Song!

Last week the California Voter Foundation debuted our new "Proposition Song" music video, now playing on YouTube. As a multimedia project, people tend to focus on the visuals and music, but the heart of the song is, of course, the lyrics.

So with the hope that you will truly be "singing along", below are the lyrics to this year's Proposition Song. A news release and information page with photos of the players are also available. Enjoy!

“The Proposition Song”
November 2012 Election
By Kim Alexander, California Voter Foundation,

Oh we’re having an election, November Six the day
Eleven propositions, come vote and have your say!
The first one is Prop 30, it’s backed by Gov’nr Brown
if passed, some taxes will go up so the budget gap goes down.

31 is also ‘bout the budget, its changes are not trifle
if it’s passed the budget goes from a one to two year cycle.
32 would make it hard for unions to raise their donations  
it also limits contributions from unions and corporations.

It’s the Proposition Song!
Let’s all be singing along!
Cuz the ballot is so darn long!

The next prop is about auto insurance, if passed 33
lets insurers base rates on your insurance history
If passed, 34 repeals the death penalty
Prop 35 makes more severe the crime of human trafficking

36 is also ‘bout criminals and how much time they’re given
revising the three strikes law so they spend less time in prison
37’s about food labels, if passed codifies
that foods be clearly labeled when genetically modified.

It’s the Proposition Song!
Let’s all be singing along!
Cuz the ballot is so darn long!

Prop. 38 is like Prop. 30, about budget and taxing rules
If passed it raises taxes to give more funding to the schools.
Energy programs would be supported if prop 39 passes
by making out of state corporations pay some more in taxes

Last we have Prop 40 the most difficult of all
Proponents tried to have political district maps recalled
but they lost a court battle and have given up the game
A yes vote on Prop 40 would keep districts all the same.

If you want more information, just log yourself online
There’s a whole lot more at calvoter-dot-org
We’re open all the time! 

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